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Are you at the right place ?


French Bloom's Art De La Table

As the holiday season approaches, there's a magical anticipation in the air—a time for joy, and laughter. For memorable gatherings, French Bloom’s non-alcoholic sparkling wines are the perfect seasonal accompaniment. Part of the magic of entertaining is setting the table, or l’art de la table. The dream is to create an inspiring tableau that transports your guests to another place by creating an enchanting ambiance. A symphony of flourish, setting the table becomes an art form, and enhances the joy of shared moments and celebrations to remember. Elevate your festive gatherings with French Bloom, the epitome of elegance and inclusion.

Toasts of Sophistication

Commence the artistry of your table with the right glassware, especially when serving the effervescent delight of French Bloom. French Bloom Le Blanc and Le Rosé, organic alcohol-free sparkling wines,  deserve glassware that amplifies their visual appeal and allows the bubbles to dance, promising each guest a sip of celebration. Choose delicate, crystal flutes to contain the effervescence of French Bloom and let the celebration begin.

Festive Blooms

Adorn your table masterpiece with a flourish of floral arrangements. Embrace the festive spirit by incorporating seasonal blooms like poinsettias, holly, and sprigs of pine in rich hues of deep reds, greens, and golds to create a captivating focal point. Weave in some fresh eucalyptus for an aromatic touch, setting the stage for a sensory journey. Floral arrangements are the heart of any well-set table, and for the holiday season, they take on a special significance.

Gleaming Accents

The cutlery you choose can set the tone for your holiday feast. Let your cutlery become gleaming accents of refinement. Choose flatware that complements your festive theme—perhaps classic silver for a timeless touch or gold for a luxurious feel. Lay out each piece with precision, creating a visual harmony that anticipates the culinary delights to come. From appetizers to desserts, let the cutlery become a conductor orchestrating a symphony of tastes.

Personalized Elegance

Individual place settings offer an opportunity to infuse a personal touch into your table design. Employ festive napkin rings or personalized place cards to add a sense of intimacy. French Bloom’s non-alcoholic sparkling wines can serve as both a centerpiece and a delightful welcome drink at each setting, showcasing thoughtful attention to detail. Begin with crisp, white dinner plates as your canvas. Layer with festive-themed salad plates or charger plates to add a touch of seasonal flair. Fold napkins creatively, perhaps tied with a ribbon and adorned with a sprig of holly for an extra dash of charm. Add textured table runners or placemats for depth, and coordinate napkins with the color scheme to tie the entire ensemble together.

French Bloom as the Culinary Muse

Amidst the artistry, let French Bloom take center stage as the culinary muse. Our alcohol-free organic sparkling wines, Le Blanc and Le Rosé, embody the spirit of celebration, offering a delightful experience for every palate. Incorporate the bottles seamlessly into the table design, perhaps in an ice bucket adorned with festive accents, ensuring they are within easy reach for toasting and pouring. As you pour French Bloom’s organic wines into delicate glasses, witness the effervescence and the play of bubbles, adding a touch of artistry to each pour. The gentle fizz of Le Blanc or the vibrant notes of Le Rosé become more than a beverage; they become a celebration in a glass. French Bloom becomes the pièce de résistance, the non-alcoholic sparkling wine that bridges gaps, allowing everyone to be part of the festive toast.

Harmonizing Personalities

Seating arrangements can make or break the atmosphere of your festive gathering. Master the subtle art by harmonizing personalities and fostering conversations. Seat guests strategically, ensuring a mix of extroverts and introverts for lively discussions. Place name cards adorned with a touch of holiday charm to add a personalized touch and make each guest feel cherished. Ensure a balance between intimacy and comfort. Round tables encourage conversation, while long, rectangular tables offer a more formal, photographic setting. The seating arrangement should facilitate an effortless flow of conversation and create an inviting atmosphere to share joyous moments. As the table takes shape, imagine the laughter, clinking glasses, and the joyous atmosphere that will fill the space.

The Heart of the Table

The table, now adorned with floral arrangements, gleaming cutlery, exquisite place settings, the right glassware, luxurious napery, and thoughtful seating arrangements, transforms into a canvas of celebration. Place a bottle of French Bloom’s non-alcoholic sparkling wines,  Le Blanc and Le Rosé,  at the center of your table, inviting guests to experience the magic of alcohol-free celebration. The bottles, with their glimmering labels, become exquisite accents to your table design. Each detail, carefully curated, sets the stage for the heart of the table—a toast to togetherness. As your guests gather around the beautifully set table, raise a glass of French Bloom in a collective toast to the magic of the holiday season.